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Tetris is a puzzle game where the pieces fall from above at an ever faster rate. Try to build complete horizontal rows, which will disappear and make room for more pieces. When the board is full, the game is over. Try to get as many points as possible.

Tetris was invented by Alekséj Leonídovich Pázhitnov in 1984 and has been released ​​in a variety of variants over the years. Most famous is the version released for Game Boy 1989. Many nights of sleep have been sacrificed to this game over the years.

I created this version in march 2020. I hope you like it!

Tetris rules

You control the pieces with the arrow keys:

Each piece has a starting score (which gets higher for each level). Every time you rotate the piece, or move it sideways, the piece's score descends. If you drop down the piece with the down arrow key, the piece's score increases for every step it drops. When the piece finally lands, you get the piece's score. You also get points for entire rows, and higher points the more rows that are formed at once:

One strategy for getting high score is to try to get many rows at once and to quickly put the pieces in place.